Loyalty Mapping

Pinpoint ways to boost satisfaction and drive loyalty across customer segments

Customer loyalty has a proven, positive impact on financial outcomes. But finding a vantage point from which to actually improve it can pose a significant challenge. Loyalty mapping gives you the perspective you need: a single lens through which to see what organizational activities and customer perceptions drive the relationship between customer loyalty and financial outcomes.

Take the guesswork out of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Measurements of customer loyalty are a key indicator of future customer value for organizations of all types and sizes. This is why it’s so important to have a clear picture of  how loyal customers are and which activities have the most potential to increase loyalty. Loyalty mapping helps your organization to answer questions like these:

  • What – exactly – can we do to better understand and increase employee and customer loyalty, advocacy, and retention?
  • How can we better focus customer relationship spend to drive increased retention and re-purchase potential?
  • Are some areas of our company doing a much better (or much worse) job of creating loyal customers than others? If so, what can we learn from that?
  • Can we tell if our “satisfied” customers really don’t care at all – and are just waiting for a better offer to switch to a competitor? And if so, how do we keep them?



Improve word-of-mouth referrals, boost retention, and increase re-purchase by improving performance on the drivers of loyalty

By aligning loyalty metrics with brand and customer experience insights, you’ll enjoy an integrated picture of loyalty that most organizations lack. For these metrics and others, you’ll see where you stand today, along with an understanding of which “dials to turn” to improve your position. Some loyalty mapping metrics include:

  • Loyalty scores: Measure champions and friends (and/or CSAT, promoters, and detractors) to get your satisfaction, loyalty, and Net Promoter® scores.
  • Dissatisfiers: By seeing and eliminating what impedes satisfaction, you can immediately improve the perceptions or experiences that negatively affect customer loyalty.
  • Loyalty drivers: More important than specific scores is knowing how to improve them. Identify the aspects of customer experience and brand perception that drive increased customer loyalty.

Move beyond a single score to increase satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and purchase behavior with your best customers

Loyalty mapping tracks popular metrics such as CSAT and NPS to tell you what your scores are today. But these scores don’t tell you how to improve loyalty. We do. In addition to a clear picture of current performance, loyalty mapping shows you exactly what you need to do to improve.

Four ways that loyalty mapping can help your organization focus on boosting advocacy with key audiences

  1. Find out which customers are more (or less) loyal, so you can focus on increasing loyalty among those that are most valuable.
  2. Reduce customer complaints and boost positive word-of-mouth reputation by eliminating dissatisfiers and driving more customers to advocacy.
  3. Understand which touchpoints drive desired purchase behaviors so you can boost share-of-wallet and increase customer spend.
  4. Use your loyalty scorecard to see exactly which customers are in danger of defecting so you can recover them before it’s too late.

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