Brand Mapping

Understand, measure, and improve the attributes that drive brand preference

Learning what your audiences believe about your brand – and their expectations of it – is at the heart of brand mapping. As a key Touchpoint Mapping® On-Demand input, brand mapping measures the functional and emotional associations that make up your brand, so you can understand it from the perspective of the market, and see where to improve perceptions and positioning.

By accurately measuring brand perceptions, you can take the guesswork out of critical brand-related decisions

Your brand lives in the minds of your customers and prospects. So do you know how to get at the needs, wants, and perceptions they hold, to understand your brand from their perspective? We can show you.

Brand mapping measures what defines your brand, how well it performs, and where opportunities and threats may lie.

It can help you understand:

  • Which touchpoints are most (and least) effective at creating the desired brand impressions.
  • How well the brand positions – and performs – against the competition.
  • What different audiences – such as employees, prospects and customers – actually believe the brand to be.
  • How to effectively assess and improve overall brand performance.
  • How to better prioritize investments in different aspects of brand to drive greater ROI.

Measure the links and gaps between desired and actual brand perception, position, and awareness

TP-Map-BrandWhen you see your brand through the eyes of customers, strengths and shortcomings become clear. Brand mapping helps you define these and other key aspects of your brand:

Brand position: See and understand precisely what your brand stands for in the market versus your competition.
Prioritization: Prioritize the importance of brand associations to different audiences.
Brand drivers: Understand the “soft” (emotional) and “hard” (functional) drivers of brand awareness, loyalty, and engagement.

Four ways that brand mapping can help your organization focus brand strategy and decision-making

  1. See how your brand drives awareness and purchase decisions for your most valuable customers and prospects.
  2. Get measurable impact from brand investments by prioritizing spend on what drives loyalty. Or satisfaction. Or re-purchase. Or….
  3. Model brand impact across your lifecycle so you can predict how messaging drives customer decision-making at each stage.
  4. Use our brand scorecard to see exactly where your competition is stealing mind share – and learn how to steal it back.

Don’t see your hot-button here? There are many others… just call.

The benefits to your organization can be significant

Brand mapping can significantly shift how you think about – and deliver – your brand, and positively impact your competitive positioning for years to come.

At its core, brand mapping will help you leverage the qualities that make your organization unique from the competition, while addressing any negative perceptions to more effectively position you in the competitive market place.

If you think a stronger brand might be of value to you, then you’re already on the road to better results.